MSU NetID or

    Email of Requestor

    Name of Person

    needing access

    If a student is replacing     someone or has job duties     similar to someone else,     please list the name(s) here
Contact and Business Information
    Business Address

    (Home address if a student)

    Business Phone

    (Home or cell if a student)

    Job title
    Department Name
    MAU Code (full 5-digits)
    Account number
    ZPid or APid
    Net Id
    Advance Entity ID (if known)
    Employment Start Date        
    Employment End date        
Access Requests
    Advance Performance
    Oracle reporting
    Smartcall Manager
    TM payroll database
    Credit card access
    Domain Security
    Outlook Email
    Please let us know which     email lists you would like     added to or removed from     the account