Reports / Adhoc Data
 Please be thorough in answering the questions below. More detail is better than less. These guidelines are intended to ensure that you receive the information requested in a timely manner. We will follow up with you directly when processing your request or to discuss the sharing of data with external sources.
    MSU NetID or Email of
    Project Name
    Requested Date of
    Counts ONLY
    Detailed Description of
    report criteria. Please
    be specific.  
    Is this a new report or
    a modified/recurring
    Estimated Count (if known)
    Will this information
    be shared with anyone
    outside of MSU
 This includes but is not limited to: Areas outside of Development, Mailhouses, Faculty, Alumni Volunteers, Board Members, etc. Strict rules apply to the sharing of sensitive data.
    Please describe the
    purpose of sharing this
    document with outside
    Report Sort Order
    Output Format (xls, doc,
    pdf, csv, txt, mdb, accdb,